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3 Things to Look for when Comparing the Market for Online Bookies


The online gambling industry has enjoyed exponential growth in recent times, having produced a GGY of £5.4 billion in the year ending March 2018. This represented an annual increase of 13.7%, while online gambling grew to account for a whopping 37.3% share of the overall gambling industry.

As this market has grown, comparison sites such as have evolved to provide objective information on the top online bookies in the UK. But what should individual players look for in a sportsbook, and how can these factors help to inform their decision?

  1. Check out the Range of Markets on Offer

 Just as an online casino lives or dies by its games’ library, a successful sportsbook must rely on a wide range of markets if it’s retain customer loyalty.

More specifically, the best and most reputable bookies should offer gamblers access to everything from football and boxing betting to the latest eSport tournament odds, whilst each discipline should also boast a number of traditional and in-play markets to engage players.

Where relevant, a sportsbook should also strive to offer handicap betting and similar markets. The reason for this is simple; as this enables bettors to use their knowledge of upcoming sporting events to access more favourable odds without overly compromising their chances of winning.

Let’s say that you want to back Manchester City to beat a lower league side in an FA Cup tie, but are deterred by the fact that the Citizens are priced at 1/10 on win the game. By applying a handicap of -2 goals in this instance, however, you can essentially back City to win by three goals or more at far more competitive odds.

The handicap that you apply will vary according to the perceived difference between two teams, of course, but the key is that you tailor your wager to strike the ideal balance between probability and value.

You can review the range of markets on offer when visiting a specific sportsbook, whilst independent online reviews will also break this down on your behalf.

  1. Review the Bonus, but be Wary of Free Bets

In many ways, the welcome bonus provided by sports bets is one of the first things that attracts bettors to a particular site.

There’s good reason for this too; with operators offering 100% deposit matches and free bets in a bid to compete more aggressively in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Deposit matches are relatively simple, as they pledge to match or exceed your initial deposit up to a predetermined value. So, if a sportsbook is offering a deposit of match of 100% up to the value of £100, a player could credit their account with £100 and receive £200 to wager with.

Free bets are a little more complex, however, particularly in terms of the terms and conditions applied to them. Whilst they’re essentially marketed as complimentary wagers, for example, they’re often eligible for use across a minimal choice of markets that may fall outside of your comfort zone.

The wagering requirements associated with free bets can also be particularly high, meaning that you’ll have to play through a considerable amount of money before being allowed to withdraw your winnings.

Of course, deposit match bonus offers are also subject to wagering requirements, but these are typically lower and more competitive.

The key thing here is to review each sportsbook’s welcome offer in careful detail before registering and making a deposit, so that you make an informed decision that suits your preferred type of gameplay.

  1. Consider the Quality of Customer Service

On a final note, you should not underestimate the importance of customer service when attempting to identify the best online bookies.

After all, operators that deliver a high level of customer support are more likely to be reputable and player-centric, whilst on a fundamental level this type of firm is more likely to answer your queries quickly and efficiently.

In simple terms, an operator should ideally offer 24-hour support to players through email and interactive live chat, whilst priority should be given to firm that strive to answer queries within a relatively short amount of time.

If there is a telephone number through which to contact customer support, you should also check to ensure that this is free to call and will not incur significant charges.

Independent user reviews can also offer a first-hand insight into the quality of customer support on offer, as these individuals have previously interacted with the firm’s representatives.

By drawing on this lived experience, you can determine whether or not a sportsbook offers the requisite level of customer support and the key ways in which it prioritises the typical user experience.

Whilst casino gameplay dominates the online gambling sector, virtual sports betting is also increasingly prominent in the UK (and global) marketplace. In total, sports betting accounts for 37.1% of the total online GGY, and this figure is expected to grow incrementally in the near-term.

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