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Handicapping: How It Works On Horse Racing


Equestrian sports involve horses as the main point of the event. This phenomenon may include horses pulling a wagon, a rider at the back of the horse, or a horse who is stretching and performing different movements in front of thousands of spectators.

Horse events began in the ancient era of life. These horses make the life of people more convenient and easy. Individuals use it for transportation in far-flung areas, helping them through their businesses. And most of all, these horses give entertainment. Through certain sporting events such as horse racing, individuals get their leisure time watching races. Some also grab the time witnessing the match to bond with their loved ones.

Furthermore, since horse racing matches are a famous sport across the globe, it involves betting, which makes it even more popular. Distinct races include a variety of purse money, as well as winning awards to those who will win the race and the betting. Colonial downs, Belmont Park, and indiana grand are few of the many popular racing venues wherein it gathers thousands of people to watch horses race and make bets.

When it comes to betting, one should first know about the basics as well as gain a strong understanding of how it works. For this reason, one will not get confused as well as tricked. There are several personas in the event claiming that they got a lead of who will win the race, when in fact they are just insisting it to gain money. Thus, one of the many reasons why an individual must first learn before betting is to avoid losing a lot of money.

Handicapping is among the basics of horse racing, and individuals must first know about it before placing a wager. The weight of the rider the horse is carrying in a race will influence the rate at which a racehorse can gallop through the finish line. Thus, handicapping is what it is all about.

The Principles Of Handicapping 

Handicapping is the process of identifying and finding a winning horse by using the available data. Those who understand and master the process are called the Handicappers.

In the phenomenon of a handicap race, horses are provided distinct weights in the hope of offering each horse the same opportunity of winning, depending on their perceived capacity. Handicappers allocate the weights horses carry as it is their task to examine past performances and determine how much burden each of the horse should bear.

For this reason, handicapping needs the ability to interpret data found to those referred to as previous performances. By learning and reading those performances, one can get a better concept of any horse’s opportunities in a race. The data will represent if the horse is fast enough to surpass its competitors in the race. Thus, it can also disclose any health issues or physical problems and whether the horse is competing in a suitable race or not.

Handicappers must be capable of explaining to the people their choices in a logical and reasoned manner for it is more or professional and personal judgments.  The handicapper will impose a score to each horse, and this implies that for example, the rating given is 144, then the horse can bear the full weight of 144 pounds including the iron, saddle, and jockey.

Furthermore, one should always deal with specific components before wagering as there are hundreds of handicap race. Everyone also handicaps differently depending on the judgments of handicappers.


Before wagering, the first objective of seizing a race is to eliminate racers who are not fit and healthy to join the race. Horses who haven’t raced in more than 30 days should either give sufficient exercise proof that they are doing well and can run well also.

Somehow, it does not matter what the horse did in the past. If it is not looking well and seems not looking capable in the day of the handicap race, then one should not consider betting on it. In contrast, one should also not be quick in eliminating potential horses that go through bad lines if they have legitimate excuses.


Among the many questions to ask before choosing a horse to bet is how quick they can run during their best days in the field. Their ability and capacity are vital factors since it can affect the results of the race.

Bettors should determine what the horse is capable of doing as well as what they are figuring to do.

Race Environment

Another component worth taking note  is determining the environment where the horse is going to race, the surface, and its distance. While there are horses who are capable of quick adaptation to its surroundings, the routes and sprints, there are also few who are not.

Thus, before spending most of your money, be sure that your pick will handle all the race’s conditions.


In a nutshell, handicapping is an activity wherein an individual can invest their time and money. But, while it carries advantages to most of the people, one should also consider the possible drawbacks.

Pitfalls are viable since the process of handicapping depend mostly on the intelligence of the handicappers. Therefore, individuals should always take note before wagering.

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