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Is Mikey Garcia in too deep?


Mikey Garcia is set to face Danny Garcia at the Staples Center, Los Angeles next month, but after his debut in the welterweight division earlier this year, people are concerned he’s pushing it too far and setting himself up for a loss. Mikey Garcia pushed his weight higher in order to attempt winning in five different weight class divisions, but is welterweight that little bit too far for him? Earlier this year, Garcia faced Errol Spence for the IBF welterweight title, which went wrong for Garcia early on. Despite going the distance, it ended in Garcia receiving his first loss (by unanimous decision) and with Spence dominant, it was almost embarrassing to watch. It seems as if Garcia wasn’t fazed by the fight at all, as he is now set to face Danny Garcia in the same weight class division.  Garcia is adamant he is staying as a welterweight to win another title, but there has been some speculation that this isn’t his only motive. Check out the Danny Garcia vs Mikey Garcia odds to see what the bookies opinions are.

Early Career

Mikey Garcia has always had an incredible career up until recently. Since he turned pro in 2006, Garcia hadn’t lost a fight, until he pushed into the welterweight division and inevitably lost against Spence. In 40 career bouts, Garcia has achieved 30 KOs and nine wins through decision, for a 13-year professional career it is quite incredible and very much respected in the boxing community. Garcia is the type of boxer who takes his time, he fights in straight lines and is a natural right-hander although can switch to a southpaw during some bouts. A talented fighter whose reputation is respected and admired by many upcoming boxers.


Garcia is one of the rare boxers in the industry who has achieved a number of titles and belts in different weight class divisions, with the most notorious being Manny Pacquiao who has won major world titles in eight different weight classes. Garcia, although not as successful as Pacquiao, has held world championship titles in four different weight classes: featherweight, super featherweight, lightweight and light welterweight. It looks to be that Garcia now has his eyes set on the welterweight division, and with his track record, it looks like he won’t give up on this dream lightly. Garcia actually vacated his IBF lightweight title so he could pursue the welterweight title, a bold move and one that certainly shows his confidence in his abilities. Some would say his goals are ambitious and unrealistic, but Garcia seems determined to make this weight class work for him with another welterweight bout set up against Danny Garcia.

In too deep?

With Garcia’s previous success in the lighter weight divisions, many are questioning why bother? Being on the lower border of the weight division makes every single fight a struggle anyway, but for Garcia, weight isn’t his only struggle. In his last fight against Spence he was simply out-fought, Spence’s effectiveness was too high, it almost seemed too easy for him as he out landed Garcia by a staggering 345 to 75 margin. Many people have speculated that Mikey Garcia is challenging Danny Garcia in this division again so that he can retire with a big pay cheque, after all he has accomplished a lot of success in other divisions, could he be looking for a way out? It almost feels as if Garcia needs to head back to the gym and put in a lot of heavy lifting training to not only put on more weight, but also become stronger so he can truly contend in the division. It’s either that, or he heads back to the lower weight classes an remains a big fish in a little pond.

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