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Kentucky Derby: The Most Celebrated Horse Racing Tournament Through The Years

Kentucky Derby: The Most Celebrated Horse Racing Tournament Through The Years

It’s the horse racing season of the year in the United States and America’s grandest and most celebrated horse racing showdown which is the Kentucky Derby about to kick off in a few days from now. Down in 700 Central Avenue on May 4, 2019, the dirt track of Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky will once again be filled with hundreds and thousands of horse racing fans across the world.

The Kentucky Derby is also the first leg of the U.S Triple Crown Series which then followed by the Preakness Stakes and concluded by Belmont Stakes. The same with the next two horse racing legs, the Kentucky Derby is a race of three-year-old thoroughbred racers all competing for a huge amount of pot prize in Grade 1 Stakes category.

To be honest, according to some research of sports experts, horse racing competition continues to deflate and is almost dying in America; however, Kentucky Derby still continues to earn high popularity and still stays strong up to this day. This is for the reason that Kentucky Derby continues to maintain its legacy of giving an incredible horse racing show to all its fans being the oldest horse racing event in the history of America.

Ideally, horse racing competition is said to be the U.S most popular sport. In 1985, it is said that Americans are more likely to indulge themselves in horse racing competitions and that they consider it more than golf, soccer, and football games. Regardless of the popularity, that horse racing may gain or not, it has been the American’s longest favorite sports where they can gamble. To be honest, it is the most famous sports in the United States where a lot of people can legally gamble.

The Popularity of Kentucky Derby Betting

Like any other kind of horse racing tournaments, kentucky derby betting 2019  comes in various categories which make it more special. In fact, horse racing events provide the most number of betting categories compared to all other betting games you found within the sports industry. Aside from that, each betting categories comes in different difficulty level whereas a sports bettor you can test your true ability in betting. The betting options come in different prizes at stakes in line with its difficulty level.

Moreover, the easiest betting category that you can take especially if you are a newbie in waging, in the Win, Place, and Show. The Win bet easily asks you to wage the horse racer which you think will win the Kentucky Derby crown. In a Place bet, you need to select for a horse racer which will finish either in the first or second place. While a Show bet, you will pick a horse racer which will finish either first, second, or third place.

On the other hand, for most expert bettors, they tend to dive in for a more difficult Kentucky Derby betting. The Exacta bet will ask you to predict the first two horse racers to finish in the exact order. Trifecta bet is choosing the horse racers which will finish in first, second, and third place in the right order respectively. Superfecta is a harder bet since you need to get all four horse racers to finish in the right order. Lastly, the most difficult is the Super High Five which will allow you to name five horses which will win in the exact order.

The betting options make the Kentucky Derby more special compared to other types of sports betting games because you will be able to spread your betting bankroll. This will also give you more chances of winning wherein you can select the best betting category where you can play at your best. A tip for a more profitable betting, newbie bettors should indulge themselves in easy betting categories like Win, Place, and Show while professional and experts bettors can look up to Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, and Super High Five betting options. By the way, this year’s Kentucky Derby is attended by strongest horse racers in the entire world and that you need to make sure that you conduct thorough research of your bets to make sure that you do not wage your money directly to the trash.

Wagers For The Kentucky Derby

In a study conducted by the gambling industry and sports enthusiasts, the Kentucky Derby has been attended by a lot of sports bettors compared to other sports tournaments. For over the years,  the percentage and number of bettors haven’t changed. Though in recent years it has experienced a slight fall back, as of today, the number of bettors has grown rapidly paving a way for others to look forward to more profitable betting. Lastly, the Kentucky Derby betting provides huge prizes which are also the main reason why Kentucky Derby earned a lot of bettors in the long run.


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